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The front picture "dissolved" when clicked, and the whole queue moves forward

Auto-scrolling, scrolling with the roller mouse, you can set the popup big image when you click on the picture thumbnail. Captions for each picture

Advanced slider with multiple effects, change images, quality code, auto-playback, captions for pictures

Areas can be defined in a different color. The color and thickness of a border adjustable. The effect of smooth appearance of the area zahoverennoy (fade in).

Any fields can be edited "on the fly", edited fields are immediately displayed visually resize columns with the mouse, drag columns with the mouse

Element can be connected to any popup. In a container element, you can put any HTML (not only image).

Plugin adds functionality implemented in many social networks, mail servers and other modern services

Rotation on two axes, the rotation of the roller with the mouse works in tablets and touch phone, inertial motion

Can be used as an alternative to alert(). Inside the box can be placed any markup

The plugin breakes text from paragraphs into the letters with interesting visual effects.

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