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MobilyMap - interactive map based on any image

The markers on the map with pop-up windows. Cookie to remember the position of viewing. Navigation, callbaks.

Impress js - exciting presentations using CSS3 transforms and transitions

This library allows you to create impressive presentations for modern browsers

Textualizer - creative effect of changing the text

The plugin breakes text from paragraphs into the letters with interesting visual effects.

Zen Input - a simple calculator in a text field

Calculator "built in" to a plain text field. It has no keyboard of mouse control. Numbers and mathematical transactions are entered on a computer keyboard

JScraft scroller - scroller with an unusual display of the current photo

The picture will be in the center when you click on it. The rest of the photos shifts. You can use this plugin on the promo site, studio site or portfolio

Masha JS - the selection of any parts of the text on the page with unique URL

Selection of several blocks of the text. You can use this plugin for sharing to social networks. A page with selected parts of the text have a unique URL

Easing (jQuery UI Effects) - a collection of effects for animation

Collection of animation effects available in jQuery UI. Click on the square to start the animation


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