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jVectorMap - fast and easy plugin to display vector maps of the world

The map have effect of increasing and moving like in Google Maps. Maps of Europe, USA and Germany are attached

QR code using the Google Charts API

Google Charts API service allows you to generate high-grade QR Codes. You can manage your code substituting the parameters of GET-request

QR code - generate QR Codes in browser using jQuery

JavaScript utility that allows on the fly to generate QR code in browser of any string

jGrowl - unobtrusive system messages

Can be used as an alternative to alert(). Inside the box can be placed any markup

Face Detection in the photos with JavaScript

The probability of detection of 50-70% depending on image

Chop Slider - an exciting transition effects between pictures

The plugin uses a combination of CSS3 transitions to create different effects

JQzoom - the quality plugin for larger photos or product images

Quick and easy image zoomer, easy to integrate, there is a pre-load big image option


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