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Multiselect - easy choice and the dynamic addition of new items to select tag

The plugin converts multiple select in the list of checkboxes to make it easier to select multiple options

Feature Carousel - Carousel of photos with captions and pagination

This carousel at one point seen only three pictures, although the number of photos in it can be much greater.

Flux Slider - Slider using CSS3 transitions to effect transitions between pictures

A good slider with API; framework for writing their own methods of changing images

MobilyBlocks - circular menu with impressive display of the items

It can work as a mini-gallery, the number of elements can be changed, running both on hover and click

Parallax background - parallax background animation on page scrolling

Plugin shifts in backgorun-image a few pictures while scrolling the scroll bar or mouse roller

Google static maps zoom - simple and effective zoom map

Card is easy to install. Size and type of card are configured. May be several cards on the page.

Loupe - a square magnifying glass

Lightweight solution for the effect of magnifying glass. The proportions of the glass can be changed.


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