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Reel - rotate an object around its axis by 360 degrees

Rotation on two axes, the rotation of the roller with the mouse works in tablets and touch phone, inertial motion

Engage Lastfm - display a list of recently played songs on Last.FM

Plugin uses the API Last.fm. you must specify the lastfm user name and API key

Sparklines - Dynamic graphs generated on the fly

Customizable, dynamic graphics that can be embedded in the text, and displayed large individual chart

ImageFlow - a carousel of images with captions and reflections

Cyclic mode scrolling. Displays photos in any format. Server uses php-script to generate reflections

Chosen - an advanced alternative to the standard select

Plugin adds functionality implemented in many social networks, mail servers and other modern services

Background Image Navigation

Creative navigate in three main sections of the site

ListNav - navigation through long lists

Filter to instantly display only list items that begin with specific letter


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