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SlickGrid - editable table in which data is presented visually

Any fields can be edited "on the fly", edited fields are immediately displayed visually resize columns with the mouse, drag columns with the mouse

A cloud of objects - creative way to present products

The cloud from any objects. Location of objects can be managed using buttons

ContentFlow - Carousel with many plugins

Auto-scrolling. Cyclic scrolling. Scrolling with the mouse roller. The number of visible items set.

MapHilight - dynamic allocation of regions map of clicks (imagemap)

Areas can be defined in a different color. The color and thickness of a border adjustable. The effect of smooth appearance of the area zahoverennoy (fade in).

iPhone-like magnifier

Plugin to zoom that simulates a magnifying glass on the iPhone

Box2d - Physics JavaScript engine

The engine, which emulates the laws of physics. JavaScript port of the engine Box2DFlash.

Nivo Slider - simple and effective image slider

Advanced slider with multiple effects, change images, quality code, auto-playback, captions for pictures


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