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SpriteSpin - rotation around its axis by 360 degrees

Full control of rotation (as a player). Cyclic rotation. Support for both sprites and sets of individual images.

TableSorter - instant sorting tables without reloading the page

When you press the Shift key, you can sort the data by several columns

Rotate3Di - rotation of the blocks on hover, using CSS3 transitions

Plugin that uses CSS3 Transforms for the implementation of the effect overturning the plane

AutoResize - auto-resizing text box as you type

Field resizes in height so that the scroll bar never appears


The script that implements a uniform filling of the site blocks with different heights

Sliding Labels - impressive tips for form fields

With the focus in the text field - help does not disappear, but shifted to the left or up

Cloud carousel - a quality cross-browser Carousel

Auto-scrolling, scrolling with the roller mouse, you can set the popup big image when you click on the picture thumbnail. Captions for each picture


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