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jQuery plugins by reviews

It can work as a mini-gallery, the number of elements can be changed, running both on hover and click

Element can be connected to any popup. In a container element, you can put any HTML (not only image).

Plugin to zoom that simulates a magnifying glass on the iPhone

iPhone-like magnifier

Auto-scrolling. Cyclic scrolling. Scrolling with the mouse roller. The number of visible items set.

7 the effects of changing images, which can be used for the presentation of goods, or even any photos

Cyclic mode scrolling. Displays photos in any format. Server uses php-script to generate reflections

Can be used as an alternative to alert(). Inside the box can be placed any markup

The spreadsheet that allows you to edit the table data and perform calculations on sets with formulas

Areas can be defined in a different color. The color and thickness of a border adjustable. The effect of smooth appearance of the area zahoverennoy (fade in).

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