Start detection

Detected 2 of 4 faces

Face covered cap is not detected (it probably will not find more advanced system)

Not found the right person for the following reasons: cutting line eyes turned towards the horizon at a high angle; cap down over his eyes, and his eyes are in the shade field caps.

Detected 13 of 17 faces

Detected 15 of 17 faces

Detected 1 of 3 faces

This algorithm is not good enough to detect faces turned sideways, and if the line is cut eye deviates strongly from the horizontal or if part of the face is covered by another object

Detected 8 of 14 faces

Detected 4 of 4 faces

Under ideal conditions, the script detects 100% of the faces

Ideal conditions is:
- A line of eye shape does not deviate from the horizon
- Faces not overshadow each other
- Faces turned (look) at the camera

Detected 3 of 5 faces

algorithm detects even schematically painted faces

With CSS, you can specify any frame color, style, and corner rounding

in this image the number of detected faces may differ depending on the browser

Detected 5 of 7 faces

Black and white photography

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