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Face Detection in the photos with JavaScript

The probability of detection of 50-70% depending on image Face Detection in the photos with JavaScript
Feautures: 5
Reliability: 3
Ease of use: 4
Documentation: 3
Average rating: 3.75


The larger picture, the greater the recognition time.
During testing it was found that individuals in some images are defined in different browsers with different accuracy.
For example, this picture has caused the most controversy from the browsers:
Firefox, Opera are 4 persons
Chrome is 3 persons
Safari is a person
On other images, browsers determine the person is almost the same.
Only tested in XP, IE9 has not been tested.
Differences in the amount of certain individuals, depending on the browser seems to suggest that he realized a JavaScript them in different ways and on different engines.
If someone offers fix, how to make it recognize images from other domains - will be very happy! If you manage to get it to process images from the Internet - the demo will be more functional and will be immediately clear enough, if it works well raspoznavalka to use it.
There is a variant of this: upload plugindetector any pictures, but I'm not ready to do it for the sake of only one demo, but with other domains, it would be cool!
Thanks to Ivan for the tip about the display of photos from other domains.
It remains to understand the restriction on the recognition of pictures only with the current domain is the jamb or a feature? If this feature, you may do so because of the implementation of safety rules JavaScript, but I can not say for sure - no digging in this direction.
Иван Солодухин
Браузер! Сам! Распознает лицо! Это же магия!!!
Работает только с 1 доменом. Поддомены также не поддерживаются. Когда графика лежит на другом сервере - грустно.
>> Если кто-то предложит фикс, как сделать чтобы он распознавал картинки с других доменов - буду очень рад! достаточно сделать проброс картинки на php. если просто то: getImage.php: [%php echo file_get_contents($_GET['url']); %] и картинки показывать через getImage.php?url=http://...
petrovnn:Спасибо за помощь, рецепт помог! Теперь демка с распознаванием лиц будет куда более информативной
Ильдар Атнагулов: [%php echo file_get_contents($_GET['url']); %] в таком виде не будет ли это уязвимостью? Ведь я могу указать не файл с картинкой а что то другое!!!
Ильдар Атнагулов:РЕШЕНИЕ! в тэг img добавляем атрибут crossOrigin="anonymous" и все работает!!!
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