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Background Image Navigation

Creative navigate in three main sections of the site

ListNav - navigation through long lists

Filter to instantly display only list items that begin with specific letter

The calculation characters that are typed

Dynamic counter displays the number of characters left

Fotorama - gallery with an interface for mobile devices

Gallery, where you can manage not only the mouse, but the touch interface (phones and tablets with touch screen)

Ball Pool - a creative example of using JavaScript box2d

The effect of the laws of physics simulation, a sample implementation of physics-engine box2d

CJ Flashy Slide Show - a set of transition effects of changing of images

7 the effects of changing images, which can be used for the presentation of goods, or even any photos

Scrollable jQuery TOOLS - slider with circular scrolling and auto-scrolls

Element can be connected to any popup. In a container element, you can put any HTML (not only image).


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