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SocialCalc - Open Source spreadsheet on JS (an analog of Google Docs Spreadsheets)

The spreadsheet that allows you to edit the table data and perform calculations on sets with formulas SocialCalc - Open Source spreadsheet on JS (an analog of Google Docs Spreadsheets)
Feautures: 5
Reliability: 5
Ease of use: 3
Documentation: 3
Average rating: 4

It can be used to build the infrastructure of distributed Web applications that do not depend on third-party services such as Google Docs and others.

Can be integrated into the online business applications.

Auto plug-in - Daniel Bricklin, who is known as the "father of spreadsheets."
He invented (invented) and implemented the world's first spreadsheet in 1979 (!) Year. It was the VisiCalc software for desktop computers Apple.

Today, the same Daniel, puts on his githabe source browser-based spreadsheet.

Backend is written in Perl, but I think can be integrated with any server-side language.

This is a real spreadsheet: this example uses JS scripts to 23,700 lines (this is not a compressed source, easy to develop).

Aleksey Nesterenko
Отличный редактор с множеством необходимых функций, значительно лучше работает своего аналога от гугл.
Нет нормальной документации, сложно оценить сложность внедрения, слегка непривычное управление меню.
Порадовала поддержка оперы, очень быстрый и легкий редактор.
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