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Плагины, использующие эффекты анимации easing

Skin and stylized as anything. Works with items of different widths. When you click on the menu, it becomes the current

Drop speed is adjusted. The effect of the animation (easing) can be chosen

Element can be connected to any popup. In a container element, you can put any HTML (not only image).

This carousel at one point seen only three pictures, although the number of photos in it can be much greater.

The plugin uses a combination of CSS3 transitions to create different effects

Can be used as an alternative to alert(). Inside the box can be placed any markup

Collection of animation effects available in jQuery UI. Click on the square to start the animation

The picture will be in the center when you click on it. The rest of the photos shifts. You can use this plugin on the promo site, studio site or portfolio

This plugin allows you to organize impressive re-ordering of blocks with any contents. Each block can contain any HTML-markup.

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