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В этой категории перечислены плагины, которые хостятся на github.com

Skin and stylized as anything. Works with items of different widths. When you click on the menu, it becomes the current

The script that implements a uniform filling of the site blocks with different heights


Full control of rotation (as a player). Cyclic rotation. Support for both sprites and sets of individual images.

Areas can be defined in a different color. The color and thickness of a border adjustable. The effect of smooth appearance of the area zahoverennoy (fade in).

Any fields can be edited "on the fly", edited fields are immediately displayed visually resize columns with the mouse, drag columns with the mouse

Plugin adds functionality implemented in many social networks, mail servers and other modern services

Lightweight solution for the effect of magnifying glass. The proportions of the glass can be changed.

This carousel at one point seen only three pictures, although the number of photos in it can be much greater.

The plugin converts multiple select in the list of checkboxes to make it easier to select multiple options

The probability of detection of 50-70% depending on image

The spreadsheet that allows you to edit the table data and perform calculations on sets with formulas

JavaScript utility that allows on the fly to generate QR code in browser of any string

Selection of several blocks of the text. You can use this plugin for sharing to social networks. A page with selected parts of the text have a unique URL

The plugin breakes text from paragraphs into the letters with interesting visual effects.

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